Anomalous Experiences

PJ's Personal Archives

The items below are things I've written about my personal "unusual or exceptional experiences", which may have nothing to do with RV, but may be interesting to me at least. Eventually I'll put up my own RV archives but they're pretty dull. This is the stuff that moves and changes me. Many of the below are from my case study Bewilderness (1995). I have a lot more and far more modern stuff, if I could find the time to dig it up and html it for the site. I always appreciate shared experiences, or insight from others about such things. Personally, I am usually just confused... -- PJ

Searching for Fear Finding Me Blonde Jihad
Walking Out The Abyss Angel Game
Geometric Linguistics Blue Eyes of Faith Molecular Windchimes
Un-Bi-Locating Heads I Lose The Mirrors
Nestor Long and Winding Road Jumping Tracks
Crop Circle in the Sky 617 Circle Squared Doorway
Sleep Orders Little Red Car Close Up UFO
True Lies Alternate Reality [1] Sexual Universe
Man of Old Table for 700 Oh Isis
Princess Tall World Abramelin on Invisible
3rd Eye Quakes The Darkness Tall Thin Man
Soldier in the Graveyard The Guardians Zen and the Recycling Bin
Astral College Jackboots Black Eyes
Black Triangle Dead Again Other Lives
Telepathy or Control? Hooks and Chords Color
Green Lady Chakras Internal Friends
Israel & Aleister Spider Deva