Postscript: July 3, 1952

My reality as presented in this interview [Third Session - 2 March] is no longer that of present time. However, no alterations or changes have been made in transcribing the original tape. In reviewing the events and communications which comprise the last interview, certain points are not clear in the transcription because of voice tone not available to the reader. Furthermore, certain factual data should now be given for greater clarification.

It is now my reality that maturity and optimum functioning produce the closest approach to complete integration. Certainly, at the time of the interview, I had not reached the pinnacle of maturity; neither have I now. As a side comment, I'd estimate my present maturity as normal for a healthy twenty-six year old.

The material is taken up subject by subject, as necessary.

The field machine was simply an unusual type of signal generator; the field was not generated by a human mind. My part in the field was that of a technician manipulating the signal generator. [2 March]

On the subject of control centers, I hold that in therapy it is necessary to achieve a dynamic coordination of all centers for optimum functioning. [references throughout].

Please retain in mind the distinction between a mechanical field and the Field of God. To compare the former with the latter might approximate comparing a feeble match flame to the glory of the eternal stars. [2 March]

Again I apologize to my unseen listeners. [26 January]

Using the analogy of a signal generator surrounded by no matter, as compared to the awareness function of the human mind/body, one can understand if there is no matter there can be no reflection for either the signal or the awareness. [2 March]

I speak of literally isolating myself in space and time. [20 January] Most persons do perform such an act when they sleep, since attention contact with the environment is minimal.

I now 'define' self-determinism as the capability to monitor my internal reality. Further, I assure you there are limits to self-determinism defined in this way.

During the latter part of the interview [2 March] , a number of references are made to 'cancer' and 'cancer causation.' My interest in cancer arose at that time from the simple points, viz., how are we to account for the more than thousandfold factor existing among the radiation sensitivities of similar organisms?

How is it that after a course of irradiation many so-called tumors, quite sensitive to radiation initially, become very radioresistant?.

A number of investigators have made the persistent observation that small or minute doses of radiation assist mitosis and promote a state of well-being.

With reference to radiation, generally speaking two cell types exist in the body: sensitive and non-sensitive. The primary effect of radiation is one of destruction; most secondary effects thence stem from this. Radiation therapy is built on the concept of more sensitive tumor cells as opposed to less sensitive normal cells immediately adjacent. The problem, then, is one of determining the maximum lethal dosage of the tumor cells against the minimum lethal dosage of the normal cells.

My intent was to exceed the maximum lethal dosage for the hematopietic, connective and selected epithelia. In other words, the lethal biologic does of radiation as normally accepted in the literature. As of this writing, I have completed this intent only on a very limited plane. At present, it seems possible to produce carcinogenesis with as little as 10^-3r. to 10^-4 r. (rep), using alpha particles. For sarcomas my data is not completed.

Survival before extreme heat consists of dilation of the peripheral circulatory system exposed to the heat source. Survival before extreme sound consists of the reverse action (lower fluid content). [2 March]

Survival under extreme acceleration consists of sustaining blood supply and proper structural connectors. [2 March]

I have found it impossible to regrow a cornea. [2 March]

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