Open Letter, March 5, 1952

The primary step in the production of an optimum race is the invention of a higher tone reality. To be optimum, this reality must have self-corrective machinery determined by firm, dynamic goals. The inventor of a suitable reality is forced by the race life-cause and assisted by race-intelligence to communicate the invention.

The second step toward optimum race-purpose is the acceptance of the invention by units of the race. Within a given race, each unit possesses basic endowments. From unit to unit these endowments remain similar. Each unit acceptance of the invention implies nearly complete capabilities necessary to full use of the invention.

The third step for optimum race production is the formation of true groups. A true group is an assemblage of units whose efforts are coordinated and aligned for the basic goals of the invention. A true group is formed by units of the race.

The fourth step is the establishment of true communication among all groups and units of the race. Race dynamics insure the integrated results of all steps.

To aid in the progress necessary for application of the above principles, certain mechanical features may be brought into use. Since the second month, tenth day, of this year, there has been in existence a field of psycho-mechanical structure. This field is directional and can be beamed through an area three thousand miles in radius. The source of this field will stand unknown.

The field produces the following:

 The above has been written in basic American.

As of the fourth month, first day, this field will extend to maximum radius and continue through the third day. Following this test signal, the writer will be appreciative if persons interested communicate subjective and objective data to the address given. Insofar as possible, use the principle of minimum effort in reports.

Some data has been gathered concerning items of extreme interest to optimum persons. If the optimum person wishes, this data will be communicated. The optimum person can request the data. The method of request is available to these persons.

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