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Here's some photo's of what Troop 389 did during February 2000:

Scouting for Food
05 & 12 February 2000

Early arrival and breakfast snack before starting.

First cans coming in via Cub Scout Pack 389!

The first of two trucks full of cans.

Sorting and rebagging cans for counting and loading into the truck.

Starting to fill up the second truck.

Another big load of cans arrive to sort & count.

Truck number two is full!

"Yeah, you said YOU were going to cook lunch!"

Church Clean-up
12 February 2000

Attacking the vines and scrub - breakin' a sweat!.

Bagging the overgrowth as we go.

Working on some big stuff.

Chief cook.

Cooking supervisors!

Hard at work on the landscaping!

Dyno-Rock Lock-In
18 February 2000

First attempt at the ever-challenging "chimney".

"I meant to do this, uh could I have a little help here?"

"Wadda ya mean you'll be right back?"

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