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Here's some photo's of what Troop 389 did during April 2000:

Tejas District Camporee @SR2
07 April 2000

First night, gourmet hawaiian hors d'oeuvres.

Up first thing in the morning looking for some poi ...

Patrol fire-building event: 'Does this stuff even burn?"

"Hey, its burning! - What now?"

Carefully examing the "errors" campsite.

Lashing together a flag pole -Patrol event

Success! We have a flag pole and it's up!

"Is this a Hawaiian mask, or a Scouters campaign hat?"

Now this is serious dutch oven cooking!

Scout leaders doing the hula, if it wasn't so funny, it would almost hurt to watch!

Order of the Arrow ceremony.

"Let's see, just what exactly is poi?"

"Well, I really did think they needed this for the "tap-out".