Palyne "PJ" Gaenir
Narrative HTML-Text Version of Personal Work History. Written January 1997, updated January 2001.

Note: This is narrative and detailed, per request at creation date. It would be considerably different if I were searching for employment, but since I haven't had to do that in a long time I've decided to make this resume my way. I assume anyone truly interested in my history would prefer detail. For a more succinct version feel welcome to contact me via email.


September 1995 to Present
ScienceHorizon Web Media
Internet-related computer work on Mac, Windows, NT, Linux and Unix-based platforms; Oracle, MS SQL Server and Access databases; code/scripting languages including HTML, DHTML, Javascript, PERL, CGI, and SQL with an emphasis on membership-based or library-based ColdFusion applications. Familiar with most editor programs (incl. DreamWeaver, FrontPage and GoLive) but manual coding is preferred. Graphic design using Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop, and most other common graphics applications. Marketing writing and concepts; technical writing and editing. Communications including online hosting and moderation duties for chat, BBS and email groups. Customer liason, sales proposals, web site and database architecture, and custom graphic design and logos. ScienceHorizon is part of a loose consortium of a dozen independent webmasters who share and trade specialized skills for web media. (Projects managed by others are not in my portfolio unless noted.) My own current projects (2001) include the following:
CyberGnostics and the National Science Foundation are pursuing development of the highest-quality university education available on the internet for the area of Mathematical Statistics. The site is expected to open in Spring or Summer of 2001 (partial private viewings prior can be arranged). This is a fully dynamic ColdFusion site (NT/SQL-Server) containing e-commerce, private areas, multi-authoring/editing tools, online communications, personal home pages for members, and much more. Project Management: Palyne Gaenir. 2000-2001. (Static site webmastering 1999-2001.)
Project includes: HTML, CFML, SQL, CSS, Javascript, JAVA, PERL, CGI, Custom graphic design and Logo, Architecture, Navigation, User-Interface design. not yet online. Contact Palyne for tour.
Esalen Center for Theory & Research is an international think-tank with membership that reads from the "Who's Who" in Research, from physics to physiology, from psychology to medicine, from astronomy to anomalous cognition. This site gives the client a manageable start with open-ended options for unlimited online growth. This is a fully dynamic ColdFusion site (NT/SQL-Server) containing private areas, multi-authoring/editing tools, online communications, and client web management features. Project Management: Palyne Gaenir. 1999-2000. (Webmastering 1999-2001.)
Project includes: HTML, CFML, SQL, CSS, PERL, CGI, Custom graphic design and Logo, Architecture, Navigation, User-Interface design, server hosting. Contact Palyne for tour.
Laboratories for Fundamental Research / Cognitive Sciences Laboratory. Director: Dr. Edwin C. May (physicist). This is a static (non-dynamic) site (UNIX/ssi). The CSL content covers topics most publicized by the CIA and Western media in regards to the American government- and military-funded research into anomalous cognition (for use in intelligence work). CSL and Dr. May did ~85% of that research in the 20 year "STAR GATE" series of projects. Project Management: Client. SH did redesign 1998. Logo is client's art, revised in style.
Project includes: HTML, SSI, CSS, Graphic design, Architecture, Navigation, server hosting.
The Parapsychology Foundation. This is one of the oldest and strongest organizations supporting both scientific research and public information in parapsychology and associated areas. They also have the largest U.S. multimedia library in their field and offer scholarships/grants. This is a semi-dynamic ColdFusion site (NT/SQL-Server) containing authoring/editing tools. The site is still under development by client, and will eventually be fully dynamic, but the primary CF shell and some content is online (see the 'what's new' page first). 1999-2001. Project Management: Client. SH did redesign 2000. Inner logo is client's art, revised in style.
Project includes: HTML, CFML, SQL, CSS, Graphic design, Navigation, server hosting. Contact Palyne for tour.
A few other client sites for reference:
Other clients are either (a) newly in development; (b) no longer online or redesigned by a later in-house corporate webmaster, or (c) use my server hosting or webmastering services only (not design/devel). ScienceHorizon was formerly known as Paradigm Systems and Design, which may still be the credit on some websites.


General Manager (Corporate Officer) July 1991 to March 1995 American Motion Systems, Inc.
Camarillo, California
This small but complex entrepreneurial high-tech firm had gone through multiple mergers, splits, four different corporate entities, and held many millions in stock, bonds, and debt assigned to hundreds of different individuals and companies. The technology was under constant development and testing, and the company was entirely investor-dependent. I was hired without a title to work for the CEO as a troubleshooter for multiple issues needing resolution. My main workload was project management which became company management as well. I began a consultant and left a corporate officer. Six month working notice and letter of recommendation.

Troubleshooting / Project Management:

  • Created auditable accounting records for four years of financial operations data, bonds/loans data, and payroll data (four entities, dozens of accounts), from manual/fragmented records.
  • Created audit-compliant database and records system for 12 years of securities-related transactions covering four corporate entities and two additional affiliated entities, based on manual/fragmented records.
  • Created all relevent documentation from scratch on inventory, assets, et al.
  • Compiled and improved corporate records for the board spanning 12 years.
  • Resolved or completed stock and bond issues with investors covering up to four years and representing millions of shares and millions of dollars.
  • Resolved impending business issues in three states, saving the company thousands of dollars.
  • Assisted in the completion of merger-related and other legal work for the current entity.
  • After the above, assisted a professional auditor on the four previous financial years.
  • AMS then survived an IRS audit and I negotiated a settlement keeping the company in business and saving the company over $.25 million in due costs.

Additional, more general duties and misc. accomplishments include:

  • Created auto/macro spreadsheet reports and database input screens for engineering testing.
  • Set up a small LAN system and linked the company with the database and systems created.
  • Established on-line presence and some data automation for marketing purposes.
  • Supervision of all company areas and personnel excepting engineering.
  • Creation of business plans, financial reports, sales proposals, etc.
  • Provided in-person reports for investor meetings, board meetings, and trade shows.


Consultant / Troubleshooter
September 1989 to late 1994
Gaenir Consulting Services
Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, California
This was an independent contractor business. Most income came from automating manual systems (PC's had just become affordable) and troubleshooting, making policy manuals and hiring and training employees for small local firms in need. I did no advertising; most of my clients knew each other. I eventually accepted a "regular" job from a client (see above). I continued this p/t until around 1993, and carried the business on paper until 1994.

Consultant status in a variety of fields and skill-areas:

  • Troubleshooting and flow design for mfg., admin. and warehousing
  • Project management for relocations or new divisions
  • Government and military bids and proposals assistance
  • Software and hardware training for both individuals and groups
  • Systems design for department or company mergers or reorganization
  • Database design, implementation, and training of administrators
  • Set-up of inventory and point of sale tracking systems
  • Desktop publishing and artistic print (brochures, newsletters, etc.)
  • Creation of formal technical and marketing libraries
  • Personnel screening and training


District Coordinator (Administrator)
February 1988 to September 1989
Hydril Company
Port Hueneme, California

This was a small branch office of an international company that is the standard in the petroleum industry, offering mechanical and electronic products, services on other products (such as pipe threading), and human-services on oil rigs. The office was a central point for all administration related to the sales, distribution and service centers in Mexico, Alaska, and the Western half of the United States. My position was dominantly the tracking and cumulative reporting of sales, drilling, service, and inventory data to the home office. Three month working notice and letter of recommendation.

Administrative Management:

  • Human resource-related duties for employees and servicemen in all division areas
  • Sales, backlog, and forecast reports based on cumulated division data
  • Inventory audit and reconciliation reports based on cumulated division data
  • G/L, budget, P&L and other reports based on cumulated division data
  • Automated reports adopted by the home office as the new standards
  • Provided training for other coordinators around the western world

Local duties:

  • Some inside sales; communication with customers and field managers
  • Supervision of small local staff (accounting/clerical)
  • Local purchasing, petty cash accounts, and coordination of service vendors


Mid-Level Manager (titles varied)
September 1985 to December 1987
U.S. Business Stamp
Ventura, California
Titles included Shipping Supervisor, Warehouse Manager, Operations Manager, and Purchasing Agent. This entrepreneurial OEM firm sold marking devices and raw materials to the public, retail outlets, and other manufacturers. The company grew nearly 400% each of the two years I was with the firm; the firm and its products underwent many changes during that time, and the employee base expanded about 500%. As a result my duties varied and covered most every area of the plant, depending on the need of the time. (My working hours averaged about 120/wk the last eight months of my employment.) One month working notice. USBS was bought by a non-local competitor and no longer exists.

Responsibilities (at various points) included:

Project Management

  • USBS built a chemical division for custom control of raw mfg. materials. As purchasing agent and general ops manager at that time I did essentially all the work to set this up.
  • The company changed its name, logo, colors, product design and products—simultaneously. I led project management for all the non-financial issues involved with these changes.
  • The company acquired and developed two additional warehouse locations. I did the majority of operations-level work to get them modified for our purposes, staffed and operational.
  • I was chosen by the VP to personally train all company licensees. I developed a training program and documentation in all steps of manufacturing from order processing to each graphic step and each manufacturing step, QA and shipping (I did not cover accounting functions).
  • The sales force acquired a PC and I used dBase to develop a database system for order tracking, customer service etc. Later I modified this to function as part of the shipping area as well.
  • I developed the first quality-control procedures for the product which eventually became the company standard.

General Management

Development of and oversight for the following areas:

  • Operations. Three separate manufacturing lines eventually operated on two shifts. Hiring, training for new employees, and general supervision of each area.
  • Administration. The graphic arts end of mfg. had three separate areas, as well as individuals in purchasing, order processing, and general clerical. Hiring, training for new employees, and general supervision of each area.
  • Warehousing. Direct (customer), indirect (retailer) and raw (licensee) shipping centering mainly on UPS, direct mail and trucking firms. Approx. 2200 units/day. Receiving for licensee distribution and mfg. operations. General warehouse organization and oversight (three locations). Hiring, training for new employees, and general supervision of each area.
  • Purchasing, including inventory control (monthly audits of thousands of components), purchasing on behalf of licensees, negotiation and upkeep of supply/maintenance contracts.
  • Misc.: I had occasional supervisory duties in the customer service area, but was not officially in charge there, nor did I work in that area myself at any time except to develop some automated systems for them. I trained in various accounting positions out of interest but had no official duties in that area, except in the area of purchasing/inventory.